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There's Now A Cadbury Creme Egg "Ice Creme"

Easter is JUST around the corner. Sort of... but it's NEVER too early to start on the treats early...

Good news for Cadbury Creme Egg fans, there is now an ICE CREME (see what I did there...) and it's already waiting for you in stores around the country.

If you're already running out the door to go buy some, make sure you pop your local IGA into the system, because that's where you will find it.

The UK have had this delicious summer dessert for years but now it's FINALLY available here, and people are pumped!

The people most egg-cited about this, is the "We need Creme Egg Ice Cream" facebook page...they petitioned and they got it.

What are you still doing reading this? GO!

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