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KFC Have Released Gravy Cocktail Recipes For Whatever Reason

A KFC meal just isn’t complete without a serve of gravy to dip your hot chips and chicken into. Apparently, some people love to just straight up drink the gravy…

It looks like KFC has heard about these gravy drinkers and decided to release three cocktail mixes made with their famous gravy. 

The cocktail lineup includes...

The Gravy Mary

With a skewer of popcorn chicken to garnish.

The Southern Twist

Which contains bourbon and has parsley brown sugar on the rim.

The Finger Lickin’ Sour

Which includes ingredients such as egg white and cherry liqueur.

The cocktails aren’t available in store to order but they did hire a mixologist named Patrick to create the drinks with easy to follow steps so you can recreate the drinks at home. 

Time to step up the classic dinner of KFC with these alcoholic drinks! 

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