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Love Cheese? LOVE Bacon? This Is The Burger Of Your Dreams

We're not going to lie. We would love to see someone finish this burger and still have room for dessert. 

The Good Bar at Mooloolaba has come up with an epic monstrosity that is basically a bacon-lover's dream. 

Not for the faint-hearted (or lactose intolerant).

Introducing the 'Makin' Bacon' Burger:

Housemade Bacon Jam
Pork Belly
Beef Pattie
Double Crispy Maple Bacon
Mozzarella Sticks
Crispy Onion Rings
Quadruple Jack Cheese
5 spice BBQ Sauce
Maple Bacon Aioli
Between Two Freshly Made Bacon Waffles! 

That's a lot to process!!!

It will put you back $20 but we're betting you wouldn't need to eat much else for the rest of the day!

But you can only order the Makin' Bacon until the end of october - so 21 days left! 

The Good Bar creates such crazy burgers each month, so even if you miss this one, there's always November! 

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