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Pete Evans Under Fire Again For Suggesting Dairy Removal

He has come under a lot of fire for what he thinks should not entering the human body, but Pete Evans has now added another thing to his list.

The My Kitchen Rules judge has now claimed that dairy should be banned from everyone's diet because it removes calcium from bones.

On his Facebook page, a user asked “I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor insists that medication is the only way, can Paleo help?’’

Evans responded by saying “Most doctors do not know this information,”

“I haven’t given my kids dairy for over five years and they are thriving.”

The chef has been blasted by Osteoporosis Professor Peter Ebeling, who told News Corp Australia ‘’“He shouldn’t be saying these things. It’s really bad and just not true,” he said.

“The keystone to preventing osteoporosis is adequate calcium intake and this is achieved by three (daily) serves of calcium-rich foods like dairy. Dairy is the most easily available source and has the highest calcium content in it.

“He has a high media profile and he does have a responsibility but you can’t assume what he says is scientifically correct.’’

Evans has not made a comment since the News Corp organisation published the story.

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