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Strawberries Top List Of Foods With Cancer Linked Pesticides

Strawberries have again been named as the most toxic fruit, according to an annual report that ranks produce based on their pesticide content.

Forty-seven fruits and vegetables were tested, with avocados and corn named the cleanest, but strawberries and spinach were found to be the dirtiest.

A growing body of research suggests that many potentially harmful pesticides are still used by farmers, and that even after careful washing, these chemicals and their residues could have lasting health consequences.

These issues include developmental problems in children and fertility issues in adults.

A report by the Environmental Working Group based on testing by the US Department of Agriculture found more than 230 pesticides were found across 70 percent of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, with one set of strawberries testing positive to 20 different pesticides.

A Harvard study published in January found that men and women who reported more frequent consumption of high-residue produce had fertility problems.

Daily Mail

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