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This Is A Hipster Cafe's Idea Of Vegemite On Toast

An Aussie cafe has had everyone talking after a customer posted a picture of his supposedly low-key breakfast order.

Newcastle local Huon Oliver visited Core Espresso this week and ordered the fairly basic breakfast of vegemite and toast, but he couldn't believe what was presented to him when his order arrived.

The cafe prides itself on 'plating up' their meals and Houn was taken aback when his $7 toast appeared on a board with a quenelle of butter and a spoonful of Vegemite spread right across the board.

Having never seen anything like this before he couldn't resist taking a snap and uploading it to his Instagram account.

Mr Oliver  captioned the photo: 'Gourmet Vegemite on toast. This is just ridiculous! Tasty but ridiculous' 

The picture has since gone viral with commentators both praising and ridiculing the unusual serving in equal measure.

FEMAIL spoke to Core Espresso employee, Danny Kerr, who said, 'We weren't expecting this response at all to be honest. We've been serving that for a long time, we don't always serve it like that and I'd never thought about it before now,' she said.

'We tried to make it look fancy and it doesn't because it's just Vegemite.

'We're definitely not a pretentious cafe, it's just $7 toast with condiment on the side. I think it's hilarious.'


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