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This Place Has Peanut Butter On Tap And It’s Amazing

Guys, this is not a drill! An entire cafe literally exists and it’s dedicated to the creamy deliciousness that is peanut butter.

The Peanut Butter Bar located in Leichhardt, Sydney literally has peanut butter on tap. It’s every peanut butter lovers dream come true.

Some of the nutty creations they have on offer include: homemade gelato, protein pancakes, brownie skillets, and cookies among so much more. 

The cafe is designed to allow people to enjoy delicious treats without the added guilt. This means that you can indulge until you’re stuffed full of peanut buttery treats.

Each treat comes with a high protein amount due to the use of Buff Bake’s range of protein enhanced peanut and nut butters. 

It’s probably best to not visit the bar if you have a nut allergy since the joint is swimming in peanut butter!

If your mouth isn’t already watering, let me just remind you… you can get peanut butter on everything! 

Time to make like this baby and get stuck into all the peanut butter!


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