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This Restaurant Charges How Much For A Bottle Of Passion Pop

Passion Pop.

Those two words will send many of us back to our early years when the super sweet and VERY cheap 'sparkling wine' was all we could afford for a night out.

Usually found near the back of a bottle-o near the cask wines, Passion Pop has never been in danger of being confused with anything even slightly considered a decent drop of wine.

Until now.

While the sickly sweet sparkler retails for around five bucks in Australia, a journalist in Sri Lanka was taken aback recently when he saw what commonly referred to as 'guarnteed hangover in a bottle' on a restaurants wine list.

Aussie Nick Bond then did a SECOND double take when he looked at the price....

That's right, the asking price of 7.500.00 Sri Lankin rupee works out to SIXTY DOLLARS!!!

And how amazing is the description: “loaded with soft, approachable passion fruit sweetness” 

Looks like we need to head to our local bottle shop and stock up and start exporting these bad boys to Sri Lanka STAT!

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