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Virgin Mobile Customers Can Get FREE Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

This Saturday 10th March is International Awesomeness Day and would could be more awesome than some free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? The correct answer is NOTHING!

Luckily, Virgin Mobile think the same as us and have decided to treat their loyal and simply awesome customers to tons of free original glazed doughnuts.


So what do Virgin Mobile users have to do to get their hands on their delicious Krispy Kreme treat? It’s simple really! Customers just need to prove just how awesome they are by gifting any spare data that they have to a fellow Virgin Mobile Postpaid customer on the day that celebrates Awesomeness.

Then you can just head into your local Krispy Kreme store, prove that you’ve given back a little bit of awesomeness in the form of data, and you’ll be treated with a mouthwateringly fresh Original Glazed doughnut.

“To celebrate International Day of Awesomeness, our data loving Postpaid customers will be able to turn their data bytes into doughnut bites,” said James Gilly, Virgin Mobile CEO.

There’s over 4000 doughnuts to giveaway this Saturday, but don’t get greedy peeps because there’s a limit to one Krispy Kreme treat per person.

How AWESOME is that! Data has never tasted so damn sweet…

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