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42-YO SA Woman Becomes A Mum After Heartbreaking IVF Process

For Dee and Daniel Slade, the gift of their baby boy was utterly priceless.

The South Australian couple married in 2014 with the dream of starting a family of their own. Because of Dee's age, 42, they knew the chances of conceiving would be small.

When things didn't progress naturally, the couple were forced to pursue fertility treatment.


(Image: Daily Mail)

After three cycles of IVF, the couple experienced the devastation of having over thirty embryos destroyed.

During this painstakingly difficult time, Dee was diagnosed with Endometriosis - a disease that makes it even harder to conceive.

After the costly and invasive treatments and surgery for endometriosis had begun to take their toll, heartbroken Dee and Daniel were nearly ready to give up. 'IVF is a horrible process,' Dee told The Daily Mail. 'You're hormonal, and you go through all sorts of emotions. You feel unattractive and question your role as a female. 'You feel all those negative things because you're feeling low at the time.'

It all came down to the final round of treatment. With just three viable embryos produced, the couple took their 'last roll of the dice'.

“The final cycle was our last hope – just financially, I think we were resigned to the fact that maybe it wasn’t meant to be,” Mrs Slade told Adelaide Now.


(Image: Daily Mail)

A week before Dee's 42nd birthday, the couple received good news - a healthy embryo had survived, and a baby was on the way!

Dee gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy, Grayson, on August 9th.


They have shared their story in the hope of inspiring other couples in the same situation.

Dee told The Daily Mail that others 'should not give up. Use the technology you can and remember that other people are going through the journey. 'You can feel very isolated at times but stay positive. It's easy to give up. 'You're not alone. Seek a second opinion if you're not getting results and use the expertise you have available.'

Source: Daily Mail / Adelaide Now

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