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Australian Mums Claims Her Fitbit Saved Her Life

A Western Australian woman believes her fitbit saved her life, after the fitness tracker helped alert her to the fact she was suffering from a serious heart condition.  

Felicity McQueen received the fitbit as a birthday present from her partner last year. It wasn’t long before the 34-year-old mother of one discovered something might be very wrong.

She noticed her heart rate was 150 beats a minute, when a normal resting heart rate for adults should be between 60 and 100 beats.

A trip to the doctor and an ECG test later, Ms McQueen was referred to a cardiologist and diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

"The cardiologist could see I had episodes of atrial fibrillation from the test and he said because I am young it’s probably best to do the ablation surgery first - because being on medication forever is not much fun," she said.

"He said he could get some good results from the ablation surgery, but it can be the type of procedure that might need to be done a few times to get it right," she added.

Her condition means the top her heart doesn’t work in unison with its bottom half, which can result in in clots forming, which could lead to a risks of stroke and even heart failure.  

The mother of one underwent surgery just three weeks ago and immediately felt a "huge difference." 

"They put a catheter in from an artery in my leg which went right up to my heart and then they tried to find the extra electrical pathways which are causing the misfiring beat. They burn the tissue causing it and that means the heart will go back to the normal sinus rhythm.

"The sinus node will be creating the beat rather than these extra pathways," she said.

Ms McQueen will have to endure more surgery, but she's so thankful she was diagnosed. 

"The Fitbit saved my life.  If it wasn’t for that it wouldn’t have been investigated at that point in time. So in some ways I can say it has maybe saved my life, we don’t know."

She continues to wear her fitness tracker to this day. A Go Fund me page has been set up to help support the medical costs of the 34-year-old. If you can help, head to: Go Fund Me

Source: Mamamia 


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