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Beyonce Has Dropped Christmas Merch So You Can Slay All Day

In true Beyonce form, Queen B has released a fire collection of Christmas merch. Grabbing any one of these pieces will ensure that you slay these Christmas holidays. 

There’s nothing cheesy about this range of merch, unlike the *NSYNC range that dropped last month. Each piece stands the holiday cringe test and even pokes fun at a few Christmas traditions.

For example… this "holiday sweater":


She’s even released a range of sweatshirts with sassy one liners like “Sis The Season” and “Have A Thicc Holiday”.



There’s even Yonce baubles to make things extra festive!


If you’re buying any of the merch for a friend or family member, you can wrap it up all neat and tidy in special Beyonce themed wrapping paper.


There’s a whole lot more over on her site. Check it out here.

What a great holiday Christmas 2017 is shaping up to be! 

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