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Cancer Sufferers Sue Over Allegedly Cancerous Talcum Powder

Four women with cancer and the husband of a woman who died are suing Johnson & Johnson and Rio Tinto over the company’s allegedly cancerous talcum powder.

In the US lawsuit, they claim the powder sourced from Rio Tinto Minerals Inc’s mines are responsible for the women developing ovarian cancer.

According to court documents, they used Johnson Baby Powder and Shower to Shower to “dust her perineum for feminine hygiene purposes”.

In the documents obtained by Fairfax Media, the companies are accused of knowing the “catastrophic health hazard associated with the use of its products” and failing to pass the information on to consumers.

“All of the defendants have been aware for nearly 40 years of independent scientific studies linking the use of their products to the increased risk of ovarian cancer in women when used in the perineal area,” it’s alleged.

Johnson & Johnson have defended their products and the safety of its talc.

Talking to Fairfax, a spokesperson assured both scientific and regulatory reviews had found talc safe for use in cosmetic products. They also claimed the labelling was appropriate.

While Johnson & Johnson has been subject to previous legal actions, this is the first major case to also target Rio Tinto.

This year two separate Missouri juries found that talc had led to terminal ovarian cancer. The cases saw a total of $172 million awarded to two women.

Photo: AAP

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