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Givenchy’s New Mascara Set Is SCENTED And Ridiculously Bendy

Recently we heard word about a new offering from luxe make-up brand, Givenchy, and it tickled our pickle something CHRONIC.

The whispers revealed that the mascara wand would be one of the easiest to use we have ever come across, with the ability to access an angle previously unfathomable by even the greatest make-up wizards.

Then… we heard about the smell.

Scented with sweet musk, the Givenchy lash primer truly is a first, providing a sweet flutter of scent whenever you batted your eyelashes - now that’s a sure fire way to reel the boys in… eh?

Upon further inspection, I learned that the mascara wand actually had a ‘knuckle’ in the middle, which allowed the user to ‘bend’ the brush out of the tube, as well as reach the appropriate angle when you coated your lashes.

This vertical method allows each lash to ‘enjoy maximum length and density’ and the curve means that the brush clings to each lash tighter, for a thorough coat.

The formula even includes black rose oil, which combined with vitamins, helps to protect and strengthen the fibres of your lashes.

The lash primer is baby pink in colour and is supposed to be coated over your lashes before applying your mascara.

The sweet musk scents sticks around as you go in with your mascara, which colours the pink hue and provides a truly jet black finish.


Givenchy Noir Interdit is available from Sephora.

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