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Inspiring Response To Nike's New Plus-Sized Mannequin

After a plus-sized mannequin appeared in the Nike London store this week, it took merely minutes for the haters to sharpen their claws.

Leading the charge was The Telegraph columnist Tanya Gold, who wrote a column in the prominent UK newspaper suggesting Nike was normalising an unhealthy weight range by promoting plus-sized sports bras and leggings.

Titled “Obese Mannequins Are Selling Women A Dangerous Lie”, her column was one big, fat shaming, rant.


“The new Nike mannequin is not size 12, which is healthy, or even 16 – a hefty weight, yes, but not one to kill a woman. She is immense, gargantuan, vast. She heaves with fat,” Gold wrote.

“She is, in every measure, obese, and she is not readying herself for a run in her shiny Nike gear.”

She went on to say a woman the same size as the mannequin “cannot run. She is, more likely, pre-diabetic and on her way to a hip replacement.”

Here’s where the positivity comes in.

The backlash to Gold’s criticism has been equally scathing and shown her exactly what women of all sizes are capable of when it comes to fitness.

Plus-sized model Diana Sirokai took it upon herself to visit the mannequin, telling it in a video (watch above): “Hi beautiful, I know you’ve been receiving a lot of backlash but you’re beautiful you deserve to stand here.”

"I want to be able to walk into a Nike store and shop for myself so I can look good and feel good at the gym just like anyone else!” Siokai went on to write on Instagram to her 800,000+ followers.

“It’s a confidence booster because guess what just simply going to the gym requires a lot of confidence from us because there is people that judge and make us feel uncomfortable.

“How am i meant to go to the gym?! In jeans?! Whoever has a problem with this beautiful mannequin has problems with themselves. Fitness is for everyone!!”

Her post was full of replies like this one: “I vote yess to this mannequin bec it makes me feel finally i dont need to be ashame of my body (and) i feel confident to buy sport wears that show my skin more.

 “I work out six days a week. I am fat. I wear workout clothes while working out. The world continues to turn. Shut up.” tweeted Roxane Gay.

Others took it upon themselves to tell the columnist what they were physically capable of, including hearing from plus-sized women who were able to run multiple marathons and even walk for thousands of miles.

Now, who’s ready for the gym?!

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