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The foods you should never eat again!

Before you continue any further, we must warn you. What you are about to read will make you really, really sad. 

According to news.com.au, a nutritionist has compiled a list of foods that are so lacking in good nutrition, they should be abolished completely from anyone’s diet. 

In no particular order here are just some of the foods we have been told to ‘never eat again’.

Soft drink

Surprise, Surprise. With approximately 13 teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml bottle, they are not only the most concentrated sources of added sugars in the diet they are also highly acidic which means a nightmare for dental health.

Although diet soft drinks don’t contain sugar, rather a range of sweeteners, there is more evidence building to link the consumption of diet soft drink to increased blood glucose levels, greater appetite and cravings for sweet foods and overweight and obesity. 


Rice snacks

Another one that will send blood glucose levels soaring. This is not to also mention the number of processed rice snacks, including those marketed to children contain added MSG, used to flavour a number of BBQ, chicken and pizza flavoured snacks. The less of these added flavours in the diet the better as evidence suggests that strong flavours programs the palate to seek out other rich flavours in the diet. 

Frozen baked goods

Delicious frozen meat pies, doughnuts, cakes, sausage rolls, Danishes, apple pies and other desserts are not only baked full of saturated fats but often trans fats as well.  

If you are guilty of enjoying baked pies and cakes, we have been told homemade is a much better option (and the less pastry we eat, the better).

Gotta keep those ‘Trans Fats’ out of our diets.


Packaged noodles and pasta

Take a glance at the ingredients on a packet of 2-minute noodles, or boxed pasta and sauce and you will get the gist.

These pre-packaged noodles and pasta dishes are packed full of preservatives, flavours and additives but nutritionally they tend to be a high carb, high salt meal option.

We have been told MSG is often added as are thickeners, preservatives, flavours and colours to help the food resemble what it is supposed to look like when reconstituted.

Eat your noodles or pasta fresh, the way they are supposed to be enjoyed.

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