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Guy Who Lost Entire Pant Size In A Month Reveals Easy Secret

Here's what happened when we caught up with DAVID mid-way through his journey! See below the final results...
Written by David Arthur.

6 weeks into Hypoxi and I can see why people would make this part of their lifestyle and not simply a phase.

What I’ve found most refreshing, is how motivated Hypoxi makes you before, during and after each session.

I’ve always decided to go full steam when I get back into gym programs and end up burning out months later, relapsing into bad habits and choices.

Hypoxi’s approach is to ensure that new habits are learnt slowly and results are consistent and gradual, so that you stay motivated for longer.

Each session starts in the Hypoxidermology suit, which is more or less an excuse to take a 20 minute nap.

While working on my circulation to prepare me for exercise, it is the most relaxing and calming 20 minutes of my day.

It’s a nice way to catch up on some added ZZZ’s, or to listen to music, catch up on emails or just enjoy some peace and quiet.

The next 30 minutes is then spent on the treadmill, using the Vacunaut.

It’s basically like wearing a wetsuit that sucks on your belly and sides, perfect after a weekend blow out – you can almost feel the fat crying as the suit attacks it!

During this time, I can watch Netflix and even take calls – Hypoxi is totally designed to work around your schedule, which is why going to every session is so enjoyable.

For anyone doubting whether Hypoxi really works, I can attest to the fact that it does. If you listen to the staff, follow their advice and are careful about slowly changing your habits and lifestyle, Hypoxi is the perfect way to reshape yourself both inside and out.

Halfway through my program and I’ve already started to see my stubborn belly and sides reduce in size, I feel less bloated and constricted in some of my clothes and I feel fresh and energized so much more of the time.

If you’re looking to make a permanent change to the way you look and feel, I would absolute recommend Hypoxi as the perfect launching pad for a brand new you.

UPDATE: David's Hypoxi journey is now complete!
We caught up with him to reflect on his results. 


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: This was David at the start of his Hypoxi journey.



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