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Why Peanut Butter Is The Newest Beauty Craze

It may sound kind of nuts, but it's just been discovered that peanut butter is for a lot more than just smearing on your toast.

According to a report on Mirror.co.uk, dermatologist Dr Susan Mayou from London's Cadogan Clinic, peanut better is the secret to super smooth, glorious legs.

"Peanut butter has a moisturising effect because it is oily," she told the Mail Online.

However, those who have tried it have found a few flaws with the 'beauty craze'.

Blogger Maxime Builder wrote: "Application was, in a word, disgusting. It was so thick and difficult to spread that it would’ve taken the whole jar to coat just one of my legs.

"As I pulled the razor up my leg, I could see the peanut butter forming these weird globs, and after one swipe, the blades were coated, rendering the razor almost unusable for a second go-round."

Though she did mention that her legs felt gloriously soft once she was finished, Maxime wouldn't use peanut butter in place of shaving cream again.

"It's not worth it. It's super messy and your bathroom will smell like peanut butter, which will make your roommates confused and then you’ll have to explain that you spent the last 15 minutes rubbing peanut butter on your legs."

That doesn't seem to be stopping people from trying it though - as even some men have uploaded photos giving it a go!

Our tip? Go smooth, not crunchy!

Used peanut butter as shaving cream. Works great! #pbshavingcream

A photo posted by Mitchell Deittrick (@mr_tenbelow) on

Here we go! #ShavingWithPeanutButter

A photo posted by Dan Rinelli (@rinelliradio) on

Source: Mirror.co.uk

Video via Hayleyghoover Youtube

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