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Woman Has Leg AMPUTATED After Getting Blister From Heels

Everyone knows the painful feeling of breaking in a new pair of heels. The awkward hobble you do when you can't stand the pain anymore, the endless blisters and the feeling of absolute relief when you finally get home and can pull the bad boys off.

And that is why this story is just so damn terrifying because it's something that could happen to any of us after a night out wearing a pair of uncomfortable stilettos.

This one woman from Scotland spent her Christmas party dancing the night away in a brand spanking new pair of heels till the point that she she got a pretty bad blister on her foot.

While the worst thing that we usually expect from a blister is a bit of puss when it pops, this woman had to get her leg AMPUTATED thanks to the damage that her shoes caused.

"I'd stayed out dancing until the early hours, so thought nothing of achy feet. But then two years later I was having my leg removed. It breaks my heart to think my five inch heels cost me my leg," explained Lorraine Burnett.

"There was a big red blister on my left leg. Being a carer, I knew what I needed to do - just clean it and dress it," she continued.

"But after a week, it was so painful so I went to the doctors and was prescribed antibiotics. I really thought they would help as it just seemed like a bad wound."

But unfortunately the antibiotics didn't work and soon enough the pain was so unbearable that Lorraine could no longer walk.

Eventually, Lorraine was referred to a local hospital where the infected skin surrounding the blister was removed, but things just continued to get worse.

Two years since first noticing the blister, Lorraine was told she could either endure painful infections for the rest of her life, or she could have the lower half of her leg amputated.

And so in November 2010, Lorraine completed the five hour surgery to have part of her left leg removed.

"I had to give up my job, which was heartbreaking. I couldn't believe how much my life has changed over a couple of years," she said.

"I'd gone from someone who liked to go out alll the time - a real party girl who enjoyed the good life - to pretty completely housebound."

Doctors believe that Lorraine's Type 2 diabetes caused the blister to become extremely infected as it affects the circulation of blood and makes patients 30 times more likely to lose a limb.

Lorraine has been living with a prosthetic leg for a few years now but is currently raising funds through Go Fund Me to purchase a more realistic-looking one.

"A new prosthetic would mean I would look more like a lady again, not having to hid it," she said.

"I can't show my leg off and feel like myself. A new leg would mean a new life for me."

So ladies, heed this warning, the next time your feet start to ache from a new pair of heels, we think it would be best if you switch them out for some comfortable flats.

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