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Is This The Most Amazing House Listing Of All Time?

(Photos via Wilson Real Estate)

Very rarely does a house like this come onto the market, let alone in Adelaide.

A house so amazing you can move in and live like a king or queen straight from the get go!

Check out those walls and floors. You simply can't improve on perfection...

Situated at Kurralta Park, this dreamhouse can be yours for under $350K!!!

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Amazing House
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It all looks quite normal from the outside
However once you are through the front door it starts getting colourful!
Really colourful
Nothing like brightening up a room!
By using every square centimetre of wall
That carpet is a winner as well
Master bedroom on point
It even has its own hanging garden inside - pure paradise!
You and your doll collection will feel right at home in the second bedroom
Attractive apricot theme in the kitchen
Bathroom looks somewhat normal - we think this possibly is a photo from a different listing in here by mistake
Plenty of room for cats outside!
Like maybe 30-40 cats
Get in quick before someone else does!
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