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How To Make Sure You Secure Flights In Today’s MAMMOTH Sale

We heard news recently that a MAMMOTH flight sale was happening today.

Then we heard it was a Click Frenzy sale; which always have MASSIVE discounts - and is so popular, it can be prone to crashing.

Click Frenzy have teased the sale as their ‘Biggest Travel Sale Ever’.

They’re keeping a lot of the deals unknown until the sale goes live, BUT it’s set to include every kind of travel experience you could wish for; from cruises to tour packages, 23-day European tour from $2999 per person, 7 night Caribbean cruise from $699 per person – save $540 per person and Luxury Bali villas in Seminyak up to 70 per cent off.

YEAH, it’s pretty good.

Grant Arnott, co-founder of Click Frenzy told ‘Escape’ the 2017 sale will be bigger and better than the previous year.

So with all that in mind, I bet you want to know the tricks to make sure you get your hands on some holiday gold, am I right?

The Click Frenzy sale runs from 7pm Tuesday, August 22 - 7pm Wednesday August 23.

Tip 1: subscribe before the sale starts. If you do, you’ll get a half-hour head start on the day.

Tip 2: restart your machine before logging onto the sale, you don’t want any big programs taking up space and making your machine lag.

Tip 3: know your budget and stick to it. Only got $2,000 to spend on a holiday? Don’t get sucked in when you see an amazing holiday you can’t afford, you may buy something you shouldn’t have.

Tip 4: be flexible, have a vague timeline of when you’re okay to travel, as you’ll have a lot more choice.

Tip 5: get rid of the kids, they’ll only distract you!

Happy hunting!

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