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The Disgusting Hotel Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

One of the number one priorities when booking a holiday is finding the perfect hotel to stay in.And it usually takes a bit of research to find just the right one that caters to each and every one of your needs.

But usually all the time spent searching is worth it, after all it is the place you will be spending most of your down time and so you want it to be a relaxing and tranquil place...

Well we're sorry to tell you this (especially if you're about to jet off on your next big trip) but apparently finding a bed that isn't as hard as a rock is the least of your worries.

According to research conducted by Amerisleep, we could be sharing our hotel rooms with an uninvited guest...VERMIN!

Yep we're talking mice, roaches, rats, ants...you name it they've got it apparently...

Lets just pause to let that shudder run down our spines...ok moving on to the facts.

After looking at 8,000 reports from health inspectors from over 3,400 hotels, motels and inns between 2015 and 2016, it was determined that twelve per cent or one in ten retreats have had an issue with Vermin.

At times, the inspectors did not actually see the pests themselves but did find evidence of their presence in the form of chewed food and packaging or droppings.

The one piece of good news is that the study was conducted in Florida, so we can pretend it doesn't effect us here down under...right? Well kind of.

A spokesperson for the American Hotel and Lodging Association, Rosanna Maietta has said, "While this study is limited only to minor infractions and covers just one region, we take this issue very seriously."

She also added that the hotel industry "places the utmost importance on a safe and clean environment for its guests" and "has proactive measures and services in place, including regular inspections and monitoring."

And apparently we are supposed to take relief in the fact that these transgressions along with other complaints such as building issues or garbage violations do not tend to be threatening to the health and safety of guests and are mostly things that we wouldn't actually notice.

But in anycase, we advise that you carefully inspect your hotel room the next time that you're away, just incase you really have been given a room with "the lot"...

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