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The Jacket That’ll Mean You'll NEVER Pay Baggage Fees AGAIN

It’s the anxiety-inducing moment we’ve all experienced, probably on more occasion than one. (For me personally, it’s every single time I hop on a plane.)

But now you don’t have to sweat about the excess baggage fees you’ll have to cough up next time you check in. We have discovered a genius invention that allows you to smuggle up to 15 kilos of unchecked baggage onto a flight. And it’s totally legal. (A slight loophole, but still totally legal.)

The Airport Jacket, designed by Claire Murphy, allows you to wear 15 kilos of luggage.

All you need to do is pack the jacket with your belongings. Wear the jacket, which conveniently features three zippers allowing you to customize it. And then when you get sick of wearing your luggage, you can use the in-built duffle bag to store it away.

So basically, you will never pay airport baggage fees again. Genius!

There’s just one catch… It’s not actually available yet. Claire’s idea is currently awaiting your support on Kickstarter.

A small donation is so worth not paying excess baggage fees.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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