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Tinder Stalker Harassed Fox News Reporter

A 36-year-old Sydney man who was shot dead by police after stabbing a woman he met on Tinder and dousing her in petrol last week, had previously harassed and terrorised a Fox News reporter court documents obtained by the Daily Mail have revealed.

It’s alleged he stalked and harassed the 32-year-old to the point where she could not sleep or eat. The documents allege Paul Lambert became obsessed with TV reporter Brittany Ann Keil after the pair connected on dating app Tinder. He and the 32-year-old had a brief relationship in the US, but his ‘erratic’ behaviour forced Ms Keli to end things.

Following the break up the 36-year-old is accused of waging a campaign of 'manipulation, guilt, harassment, control and emotional terrorism' against the Emmy Award winning reporter.  Court documents say Mr Lambert bombarded Ms Keli with dozens of calls, emails and messages, as well as inventing dead relatives, a terminal brain injury, multiple personalities and threatening suicide multiple times.

'Paul... maliciously threatened her reputation, threatened to expose her to disgrace, expose her secrets which would affect her personally and professionally, with the intention to compel Brittany to see him,' the court documents read.

'He also has attempted to extort money in exchange for no contact with her and in exchange for not following through with his malicious attempts to use his personal knowledge to ruin her life.'

In May 2014 Mr Lambert was charged with stalking and extortion and was later deported back to Australia. It’s understood the 36-year-old matched with the reporter on Tinder while he was still married. Despite not having met the TV reporter in person, only chatting on Facebook, email and Skype, court documents allege he dumped his then wife for the reporter.  

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In March 2015 the Daily Mail reports Mr Lambert planned to visit Ms Keli in Orlando but she told him not to come. He then convinced her to spend three months with him after telling her he had left his life in Australia for her.  After three weeks it’s alleged his ‘erratic’ behaviour was too much for Ms Keli and she ended the relationship. That’s when she says the harassment and stalking began.

Source: Facebook

The disturbing details have emerged following the attempted murder of Australian doctor Angela Jay who also met Mr Lambert on Tinder just eight weeks ago. She was stabbed 11 times and doused with petrol last week before Mr Lambert was shot dead by police.

Source: Facebook

Court documents which were submitted when Ms Jay applied for an AVO against the Sydney finance worker say he bombarded her with violent threats after she broke things off with him.


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