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SA Couple Guilty Of Setting Ex On Fire Have Been Charged

An Adelaide couple has been found guilty of dousing the woman's ex-boyfriend and another man in petrol and setting them alight.

The woman who lured her ex-boyfriend to a carpark and set him on fire did so because he wouldn't change his Facebook profile picture, the Adelaide District Court has heard. 

A District Court jury on Tuesday unanimously found Kerry Leanne Ross and Ben Corey Woodhardt guilty of burning the two men while they were in a car at suburban Davoren Park in 2013.

Ross and Woodhardt, both 29, were each charged with one count of aggravated causing serious harm and one count of aggravated causing harm.

They had denied the allegations and will return to court in October for sentencing submissions.

One of the victims saw a "ball of fire" coming at his face, the court then heard, in an attack Mr Boisseau described as "carefully planned".

The court was also told that Woodhardt had emailed the victim a number of times prior to the incident, angrily advising him to "stay away from his girlfriend" and to take down the profile picture he was using on his social media accounts as Ross still featured in it, according to ABC News.

"What sort of c**k s**ker has his ex-missus as his profile picture," one of the messages read.

"The prosecution case is that from beginning to end, the attack had been carefully planned and carefully choreographed," Mr Boisseau then told the jury.

He also explained that the victim had suffered serious burns to his face and hands and had to be placed in an induced coma for four days after the attack, while the man's friend had also endured a slow and painful recovery.


Source: AAP/ABC

Main Image: ABC

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