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Prediction for Thursday’s scorcher to get even higher

Thought it was hot in Adelaide last week? We’re set to get even hotter on Thursday with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting it will need to increase its estimate of 42° in the coming days.

Tuesday is set for a max of 37° before it reaches 39° on Wednesday, and then the scorcher – 42° is currently predicted for Thursday but that is likely to go up.

“Just looking at how things are panning out overnight, we may even need to increase that (Thursday) temperature a little bit more in coming days,” Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Matt Bass told The Advertiser.

“That's the day to head to the pool or head to the cinema, or somewhere cool.”


We should be able to cool down by Friday though, with a lovely 31° predicted for the end of the week and continuing to be more mild for the long weekend.

Adelaide forecast

Monday 21 January – 36°

Tuesday 22 January - 37°

Wednesday 23 January - 39°

Thursday 24 January – 42°

Friday 25 January - 31°

It could always be worse.

South Australia’s northern town of Moomba is in the midst of a proper heatwave, with every day 45° or over since 12 January. The minimums there are 31°. That’s a hot night.


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