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Woman Allegedly Bashed By Cab Driver Left Feeling Worthless

A local Adelaide woman says she was been left feeling 'worthless and humiliated' by police after allegedly being bashed by a cab driver.

The woman suffered black eyes, scratches to her necks and bruised ribs after the driver allegedly punched, choked and spat at the woman. 

According to the victim, she had a disagreement with the driver over which route to take and she then swore at the driver when he accused her of trying to run off without paying for her fare.The driver allegedly leapt at her after she requested he stop at Fulham, to pick up mail from her friend's house. 

The woman told The Advertiser,  “He was on top of me ... and just punching and punching and he spat on my face.”

“He started going for my phone and choking me. All I could do was get a good kick in ... then he got back in and drove off.’’

She claims the driver stopped attacking her after she kicked him. A neighbour came to her aid as she called triple zero. 

Reports say the driver fled with her laptop and carry bag. 


(Image source: Mark Brake)

What happened next left the woman feeling even more humiliated and upset. After allegedly requesting a female officer to take her statement, two male officers arrived at her home. 

The woman told The Advertiser,  “I’m absolutely appalled by how I was treated,’’ she said. “They were so intimidating when they came and they were so dismissive of me, saying ‘You’ve been drinking’.

“This wasn’t just a punch in the face, this was a beating and (there was) no compassion. They made me feel absolutely worthless.’’

Police didn't take the woman's statement until almost a week after the attack. 

Yellow Cabs are yet to comment. 

Zara's story is a reminder to be safety-conscious when using taxis. Have you ever felt unsafe in a taxi

Source: The Advertiser

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