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Audio From Attempted Malaysia Airlines Hijacking Released

News broke early this morning that a man on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 attempted to hijack the plane and force his way into the cockpit, claiming he was going to blow up the plane.

Audio has now been released, sharing the moment that the pilot contacted air traffic control, asking to make an emergency landing.

"We have a passenger trying to enter the cockpit", the pilot told air traffic control.

"He is claiming to have an explosive device.

"He tried to enter the cockpit.

"He has been overpowered by passengers, however, we'd like to land and have the device checked out."

Air traffic controllers directed the plane to "fly heading 360" and head back towards the airport.

The accused passenger, thought to be a Sri Lankan national, was restrained by staff and other passengers before being arrested by authorities at Tullamarine airport.

Flight MH128 took off from Melbourne Airport at 11:11pm before turning back and landing again at 11:47pm, however, passengers did not start disembarking until 1:30am.

Melbourne airport was put in lockdown during the ordeal with all other flights redirected to nearby Avalon airport, but has since reopened and is accepting flights on the east-west runway.

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