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Authorities Alerted As 12-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth

A 12-year-old girl has sparked a co-ordinated response from health officials after she gave birth.

The young girl gave birth in Perth earlier this month and became one of the youngest mothers in the state’s history.

The Department of Communities is not commenting on the case but confirmed there is a joint support effort underway.

'A coordinated response is required from a range of State Government and external support agencies both in the short and long term in order to make a lasting difference to the wellbeing of all affected parties,' it told the Midland Reporter. 

'The Department of Communities, the WA Police and Department of Health work together intensively in the best interests of all concerned.' 

Spokeswoman Jackie Tang said it is being investigated as to whether sexual abuse led to the girls pregnancy.

There have been 12 registered births to mothers aged 12 since 1980 - the youngest to ever give birth - according to WA Health Department records.

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