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Barcelona Terror Suspects Were Planning To Use Explosives

An alleged member of the terror cell behind the Barcelona attack, has told the Spanish court the group was planning a much bigger attack.

The man, Mohamed Houli Chemlal,  was arrested after being hurt in an explosion at a house the day before the van attack in the crowded area of Las Ramblas.


Mohamed Houli Chemlal AFP/Getty

During his court appearance, Chemlal said that the group were planning a far bigger attack using home made explosives, in several landmarks around the city.

Police found 120 gas explosives inside the house where he was injured.

A total of 15 people were killed, including Aussie boy Julian Cadman, in two vehicle ramming attacks and a car-jacking in Catalonia last week, and 130 were injured. 

Police now believe all the attack suspects have either been killed or captured.

Four men have been in heard in court in relation to the attack – aged 21, 27, 27 and 34.

Prosecutors asked for them to be sent to prison without bail on preliminary charges of being part of a terrorist organisation, homicide, causing havoc and dealing with explosives. 

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