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Bourke Street Killer James Gargasoulas' Bizarre Statement

Bourke Street killer James Gargasoulas has delivered a rant to the families of the 6 people he killed, claiming he is the ‘victim’and he has a ‘big heart’.

He went on to say “I went to the city to run people over”.

The 29-year-old stood in the Victorian Supreme Court today and told victims he is ‘not a terrorist, but a freedom fighter.’

Reading from a two-page letter that he wrote three days ago, Gargasoulas said “To all the victims ... I apologise from my heart for taking the lives of your loved ones,” the convicted killer said.

“I know it won’t fix what I’ve done. I didn’t think my life would turn out like this. I also apologise to the many injured. I am deeply ashamed.

“It is a tragic day for all of you and myself.”

But he then told families and friends of the deceased that he is the real victim. “I am a victim of government oppression. It is because of oppression that six people died. Oppression is the root cause of terrorism and crime.

“The government should take all responsibility. I am not evil, I am not a terrorist. I am a freedom fighter.”

Gargasoulas was convicted in November of six counts of murder for speeding through Bourke Street Mall on January 20, 2017, in a stolen car.

Gargasoulas has spent the past two days in the witness box at the Victorian Supreme Court as victims read emotional impact statements.

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