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Cheaper Public Transport For Adelaide

Cuts to public transport prices in South Australia will give frequent travellers the cheapest fares in the country, the state government says.

The changes could save commuters more than $300 a year but will only apply to those who use either the 28-day or the new 14-day unlimited travel cards.

The government had cut the cost of the 28-day pass from $124.50 to $99 and will charge $60 for the 14-day pass.

Premier Jay Weatherill said the move was about putting money back into the pockets of commuters and encouraging more people to take public transport.

"We've upgraded our public transport network with more regular services and better quality services," he said.

"Now we're going to make them more affordable by having the lowest public transport fares of any state in the nation."

The new fares come into effect on April 3 and will offer the most benefit to people who catch public transport at least five days a week.

Based on 40 trips using the 28-day pass, the cost for each trip will drop to $2.47, (down from about $3.10) regardless of the distance travelled.

However, there will be no cut to the cost of single trips.


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