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SA Family Comfort Mother Of Their Brother's Alleged Killer

In touching scenes at the Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday, the family of car crash victim Harley Chester reached out to the mother of his alleged killer, after she broke down during proceedings. 

Dylan Michael Lanc-Quin, 19, has been charged with one aggravated count of causing death by dangerous driving, and doing so while unlicensed and disqualified; he was in court yesterday after multiple breaches of an existing home-detention bail agreement.

When Magistrate Jayanthi McGrath revoked Mr Lanc-Quin's bail - meaning his return to Yatala Labour Prison, where he claims to have previously been "savagely" assaulted - the accused's mother began to cry.

But when the emotional woman approached Harley's sisters, Tarita and Jessie, and his uncle Paul outside the court to apologise, the trio comforted and embraced her.

According to The Advertiser, Mr Lanc-Quin's mother was upset and weeping when she told the Chesters: "I don't know what to say, I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry"; Tarita, the victim's twin sister, said afterwards that her brother would have wanted them to act kindly.

"It's very hard to process forgiveness... I haven't been myself since I lost my twin... but it's also very hard for any family to have someone [in jail] for such a serious charge," Ms Chester told reporters.

"In that regard I grieve for him, his parents and his family as I grieve for my twin.

"I told her I forgive her and I wish her son the best... I don't think my hatred will help any grieving process... my brother was a beautiful soul and was never a hateful person."

And Harley's uncle, Paul Chester agreed, reiterating that his nephew would have expected his family to behave the way they did.

"It's important for her to know that we forgive her, so that we can lift that burden from her," Mr Chester said. "It's just forgiveness, releasing people, taking that burden off them... as a mother, she needed to hear that.

"Harley was a good boy, a good-natured boy, and the last thing he would have wanted was for anyone to harbour any unforgiveness."

Harley Chester, 28, was killed in a road incident on as he walked along Victoria Road, Largs North six months ago.

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