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Creepy Clown Terrorises Two Young South Australian Girls

Two twelve-year-old South Australian girls have been left  traumatised after being terrorised by a weapon-wielding clown in Adelaide's CBD on Saturday night.

Australian police have moved to calm fears about people dressing up as scary clowns in public as the "clown purge" craze spreads across the nation.

The two young girls were in the CBD buying ice-cream with one of their father's when the clown approached them. 

One of the girls took to social media, quoted by The Advertiser with parental permission, saying “This is not a joke at all, they will attack you, beat you and steal your phone,” she wrote. “I am traumatised, I am shaking, we called the police; he kicked me ...”

According to The Advertiser, the parent accompanying the two girls kicked the clown and the two girls ran screaming into Hungry Jacks and hid behind a counter.

SA Police released a statement saying: 

Police would like to emphasise to those who may intend to engage in this kind of behaviour,  for whatever intention, that it could potentially result in danger to them or other members of the public. Particularly for people who may suffer from a  health condition or who may retaliate as a result of feeling  threatened.

If police receive reports of people being threatened in  this manner they will investigate the incident and take appropriate action. Any  reported threats will be taken seriously.

There have been numerous sightings of clowns across Australia, with people taking to Facebook to share their stories.

The Clown Spotters Australia Facebook page now has more than 11,000 members, who are warning people of sightings. 

Image Source: The Advertiser

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