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Crows Boss May Ask For Cy Walsh's Hearing To Be Postponed

Adelaide Crows chief executive Andrew Fagan has said that, should the team get to the AFL Grand Final, he wouldn't be against asking the Supreme Court to postpone Cy Walsh's next hearing.

Walsh, who was found mentally incompetent by prosecutors last week, is due to appear in court on September 28, three days before the October 1 premiership clash.

The 27-year-old is charged with the murder of his father, Phil Walsh in July last year; Phil Walsh was, at the time, coach of the Adelaide team.

Now Fagan is concerned that the next hearing will reveal previously unheard details of the killing, which may upset his players.

"It is still significantly hypothetical, given the environment that we operate in which is week-to-week wins and losses," he told ABC 891 yesterday. "It'll be a bridge that we cross at a later time, should we get there."

"I'm glad that we're nearing the end of those proceedings. Obviously it's been a difficult time, mostly for Meredith and her family.

"It's also been difficult for the football club and our players and coaches."

The Adelaide team have defied the odds this season, emerging as genuine contenders and sitting second on the table with one round left to play before the finals. 

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