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Eddie Betts SPEAKS OUT About The Racial Attack He Endured

Eddie Betts has opened up about the racial attack directed at him during last weekend's AFL clash against Port Adelaide.

But rather than see his abuser, 27-year-old Alexandra Pelosi, face punitive action, he instead wants her welcomed back to football.

"I don't think she should get a life ban," he told FIVEaa. "I think she should come back and enjoy the footy.

"It's great, she came out and she apologised, I don't hold grudges - I forgive her for what she's done."

Port Adelaide supporter Pelosi made headlines on Saturday when she threw a banana at Betts during Showdown 41.

But while the Crows player has admitted to being "disappointed" by her actions, he's calling for reason, rather than hate, to prevail.

"You can't do that, you can't throw stuff on the field, you can't say that towards players," he continued. "[But] this is all about education, it's never too late to learn.

"No-one is born racist... it's ingrained in them somewhere down the track. It all comes down to that, to be educated."

Betts also revealed during his interview that he had reached out to Pelosi, as one of several indigenous AFL players offering her cultural awareness training.

Pelosi has reportedly been fined $543 for disorderly conduct and banned indefinitely by Port Adelaide Football Club, who, Betts says, can take pride in having one of the best indigenous programs in the AFL.

He went on to praise the club for offering its indigenous players the opportunity to speak with Pelosi to explain how her actions had affected them.

"It's sad that racism still exists in our game and hopefully people can learn from it."

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