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FINALLY There's A Way To Delete Sent Messages

Show us someone who reckons they've never, ever regretted sending a particular text message and we'll show you a liar.

Doesn't matter if you sent it drunk or sober, after much thought or not enough, there will come a time in every technology user's life when you yell "NO, NO COME BACK" before curling into the foetal position and burrowing under the covers.


And now, finally, after all of the not-very-useful advances - Apple wireless earbuds, we're looking at you - the smart, intelligent, FANTASTIC people over at WhatsApp are rolling out an update that will let you edit or DELETE messages you've already sent.

Of course this is all dependent on whether the recipient has read them yet but, if that blue double-tick of doom hasn't arrived on your screen, you can tinker away with what you said to your heart's content.

If you do decide to pull the text entirely, all the other person can see is an oh-so-mysterious notification telling them that "the sender revoked the message".

Were you declaring your love? Your disdain? Was it a naked photo?

No-one will ever know.

Your secret's safe.

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