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Got Expired Gift Cards? Now You Can Fight The Power!

Gift cards will be valid for at least three-years under new laws to be introduced in the South Australian parliament this week.

Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman says the legislation - one of the Liberal Party's election commitments - protects consumers from getting caught out by unreasonable expiry dates.

"This was a matter for consumers that had been raised with us," she said.

Ms Chapman said the government wanted all people to be able to enjoy the benefits of gift cards.

"And not find that within a few months, after their birthday present is handed over to them, that it's suddenly expired," she said.

The issue also attracted national attention after the federal government last month pledged to investigate abolishing expiry dates on all gift cards.

According to consumer advocate group Choice, Australians spend $2.5 billion each year on gift cards, but up to $200 million, or eight percent, never gets redeemed.


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