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Hungover Man's Facebook Post Saves Failing Fish & Chip Shop

Not a lot of good comes from a hangover, but the owner of a fish and chip shop in Canada is thanking his lucky stars that Colin Ross had one.

The aftermath of Mr Ross’ night on the tiles led him to Whitbie’s Fish & Chips.

In a post on Facebook, he said he opened the door and there was a “70-year-old man all by himself in this nice clean establishment.”

That man was owner John McMillan.

After a short back and forth, Mr Ross learned that business was so bad that Mr McMillan couldn’t even pay himself at the end of the day.

“That really bothered me,” Mr Ross said.

But what bothered him more was that the shop owner served him an “absolutely amazing, traditional British fish and chips”.

Mr Ross shared his glowing review to his 2000 Facebook friends, urging them to “show this man some support”.

A few days after his original post, Mr Ross shared another photo from Whitbie’s, where business has clearly turned around.

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