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Identity Of Cruel Emu Killer Revealed

The identity of the man who filmed himself intentionally running over a flock of emus in his four-wheel-drive has been revealed.

His ex-girlfriend has told the Daily Mail the man seen laughing in the video as he mercilessly mows down the Aussie icons is Jacob Macdonald, 20, from Pinnaroo, a tiny country town in South Australia.


Mr Macdonald has since shut down his social media accounts after the video began circulating online.

According to his ex-girlfriend, Mr Macdonald went 'off the rails' after his latest relationship breakdown.

The woman claims:

'He's the type to go hunting, he grew up that way but this is just atrocious. I was shocked and speechless... angry mostly,'

She told Daily Mail Australia that his mother is a police officer and his father is a farmer.

'His parents would be outraged by his actions,'

'They're genuinely good people.'

'I ended the relationship end of July and he kind of went off the rails a bit after that, well obviously a lot now that we have seen this.'

'Honestly, he deserves everything he gets,' she added.

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