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Video Shows Man Running Towards Fire To Save Rabbit

Schools and roads have been closed, smoke warnings have been issued and 200,000 people have been told to flee their homes as wildfires rage through canyons, hillsides and residential areas of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Thursday local time marked four days since the fires began in the area with extreme gusts of wind making it difficult for firefighters to gain control out of the flames.

Hundreds of home have already been destroyed in the four major fires that have engulfed the area but thankfully no civilian casualties or fatalities have been reported yet.

Three firefighters have been injured. As people continue to flee the area, shocking footage has emerged of the fires that look like something out of an apocalypse Hollywood film.

But amongst all of the terrible news comes this heartwarming footage of one man who should be named a hero. Someone has filmed a man as he pulled over his car to selflessly help an animal in need.

The video shows the man run directly towards the flames after he spotted a wild rabbit running near the raging fire.

The man is visibly panicked as he tried to get the animal to come closer to him. Eventually the man is able to grab the rabbit and manages to carry him to safety before he is moved on by Highway Patrol.

Not all heroes wear capes.

This comes as many celebrities, such as Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars, have used their status to ask people to help any animals who would be fleeing the fires.


To everyone in California, our thoughts and prayers are with you during thie terrifying time. Stay safe everyone.

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