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SA Tourism SLAMMED over Bikini Shoot on Kangaroo Island

Adelaide women's group YWCA has slammed the State Government and SA Tourism over the 'objectification of women' in a recent Sports Illustrated photo shoot held on Kangaroo Island. 

YWCA Australia is a women-led organisation that achieves positive change by providing advocacy, programs and services for women, and Adelaide's regional manager Jemma Taylor Cross is not impressed with a recent photoshoot taken place on Kangaroo Island. 

SA Tourism SLAMMED over Bikini Shoot on Kangaroo Island

In a statement originally published in Adelaide's The Advertiser, Cross stated that;

“What sort of message is this sending to the South Australian public and particularly young girls around the value of women … and the need for having swimsuit models to promote our amazing state and the natural environment it has to offer...”

“Sports Illustrated obviously has a lot of readers and it’s very good exposure for the state, but is that really how we want to be associating South Australia, through the objectification of women?” (Cross speaking to The Advertiser)

The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) will not release any information on how much they paid for the campaign, but they have confirmed they were the ones to 'lure' Sports Illustrated into shooting in the popular tourism spot. 

(Source: 9NEWS)

Jemma Taylor Cross says this is an example of “objectification and sexualisation of women”.

However, Sports Illustrated don't seem to be objectifying any women in these photos and often portray athletic, sporty women in different shapes and ethnicities. We have to admit it's nice to see Australian animals cuddled by beautiful women and shared with the world!

But what do the Adelaide locals have to think about this? Give us your thoughts in the Facebook comments!

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