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Look Out For Dodgy Removalists Scam In Adelaide

Moving house sucks.  And sometimes you need some help.

Hopefully, that help comes from family (who you've emotionally roped in), or friends who are just good people.  Either way, you can pay them with a BBQ spread and be done with it.

But sometimes no one has a van, so you have to get outside help.

SA Police have let us know there are some dodgy removalists going around at the moment - who let you know a price before they start, and then jack it up before they unload everything at your new place.

Not only that, they threaten to take what's left in the van away, and charge you even more for storage, time, and transport!

Police say the best way to avoid finding yourself in this position is to get a written agreement before you let anyone touch your stuff.  Especially if they're small operations.

If you come across someone operating a dodgy business you can report them to Consumer and Business Services on 131 882.

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