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Monarto Zoo’s newborn baby zebra euthanised :(

Monarto zoo's adorable one-day-old zebra has had to be put down.

Zoos SA released the following statement on Friday afternoon...

"We are deeply saddened to share the news our beloved newborn zebra has tragically passed away.

"During the day, keepers noticed the foal was struggling to stand and quickly called the vet team to determine the cause. After an examination, vets found the zebra had sustained an injury that was drastically affecting its quality of life and the decision was made to humanely euthanize it.

"After its birth yesterday, the foal had been seen suckling and keepers had no cause for concern. In the wild, zebras can be quite boisterous and it is possible she was caught amongst the adults which ultimately led to an injury.

"Our keepers and vet team care deeply for all the animals at Monarto Zoo, and this is a very unexpected and sad shock. We appreciate your support during this difficult time."

We were about to give you the good news of its arrival and show you these adorable photos and video (above)  when the bad news came through.


Zoos SA had said excited keepers had discovered the little one first thing on Thursday morning.

The young foal, who had not yet been named or had its sex determined, was born to seven-year-old Gina, making her a first-time mother.

Video (above) showed the zebra taking its first wobbly steps and feeding in its first 24hrs.

Prior to its unexpected death, Monarto Zoo Senior Ungulate Keeper Mark Mills said the arrival of the baby would be a welcomed treat for the keeping team and visitors alike. 

"It's always exciting for us to welcome a newborn baby, and this adorable little zebra is no exception," Mark said. 

"As a new mum, Gina seems to be doing very well and we'll continue to let them bond as we watch from afar. 

"The little one is sticking pretty close to Gina so far, but we think visitors should be able to catch a glimpse of them on the Zu-loop bus."

The last zebra to be born at Monarto Zoo was in October last year when 7-year-old Kali giving birth to baby boy Intengo.

It would still be a great time to visit Monarto Zoo over the long weekend. The youngest addition there is the baby chump born to first-time mum Hannah, while Imani the Southern White Rhino calf continues to melt hearts at just four-months old. 

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