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Mummified Body Found In Hoarder’s Home, There For A DECADE

New information has suggested that a mummified body, discovered by cleaners inside a late hoarders home last week, may have been there for over a decade.

Bruce Roberts was named as the man who lived in the junk-filled Greenwich home before he died in July last year and police are yet to rule out whether he was involved in the person’s death.

Last Tuesday, the mummified body was discovered rolled up inside a carpet by forensic cleaners who had been tasked with cleaning out Roberts’ home.

The body was so badly decomposed that police were unable to determine the gender and age of the body. A post-mortem examination has since determined that the body was that of a man in his 30s or 40s.

Acting Superintendent Simon Jones has said that they are currently uncertain how the man died but it is being treated as “unnatural” and “Suspicious”. Supt Jones also said in a press conference on Friday that it was clear the body had been in Roberts’ house for a “considerable amount of time”.

The Daily Telegraph are reporting that police sources have since told them that the body was that of Sydney man Shane Snellman who is said to have died over 10 years ago and was estranged from his family.

Police have said that Mr Snellman was known to them due to a number of petty crimes before his death.

It’s believed Mr Snellman was out of contact with his family for a great deal of time and this would explain why no missing person’s report was filed.

Detectives have been working through mountains of evidence found in Roberts’ house but have said that it has been difficult work as Mr Roberts was known to be a hoarder and kept a lot of junk.

NSW police have said that the death is still a mystery but they believe it to be suspicious because of “something found on the body”. Further details on this piece of evidence could not provided.

Investigations continue and anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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