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No One In SA Wants To Hear This Latest Weather Warning

It's the news no one in South Australia wants to hear. The SES have issued another flood warning. 

Shacks along the Murray River in South Australia are at risk of flooding as river flows increase following recent heavy rains interstate, authorities say.

The State Emergency Service has warned shack owners between Cadell and Mannum to prepare their properties for minor flooding expected to come over the coming weeks.

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Valuable items should be moved to a higher place while campers have been advised to set up on higher ground and avoid pitching tents on the river bank.

Areas likely to be affected by minor flooding include Morgan, Brenda Park, Scotts Creek, Walker Flat and Bowhill.

As the river rises and quickens, river-based activities like waterskiing may also become more hazardous with the risk of large debris getting carried downstream.

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Murray flows into South Australia are expected to reach 60 gigalitres a day within the next three weeks and remain that high for several weeks to come.

It comes after heavy rain drenched large parts of SA, Victoria and NSW earlier this month as a strong storm cell passed across southern Australia. South Australia also suffered flooding to the north of Adelaide and in the Adelaide Hills.

Source: AAP/Staff Writers

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