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NSW Police Facebook Page SLAMMED For Victim Blaming

The NSW Police Force Facebook page is typically known as a haven for hilarious memes, viral videos and satirical posts that help connect them with millennials on social media, but today they’re being SLAMMED for being completely out of touch.

The social media post uploaded to their Facebook Page on Wednesday has come under fire for allegedly victim blaming women who are sexually assaulted.

The controversial status, which has gained a lot of negative attention from angry users online, parodies Beyonce’s hit song ‘Single Ladies’ to advise women on how to stay safe when going on dates with people that they meet online.

“All the single ladies, (All the single ladies), Now put your hands up,” began the post.

It then continued to tell women that they should be telling someone that they trust about their plans when meeting up with someone from a dating app.

“Up on your phone, surfing apps alone, Doing you own little thing,” continued the status.

“You’ve decided to swipe, have a super like, Now someone’s asking to meet.

“Keep yourself sad (safe), Tell a friend you getting place (place), ‘Cause it’s only worth it if you’re okay, You can’t be playing with safety.”

The post was quickly inundated with comments from people who saw the parody as “victim blaming” women by asking them to change their behaviour instead of educating men to change theirs.

“Moronic and useless. Women know how dangerous dating men is. Teach men to be better,” read one comment.

“Stop telling women it’s their responsibility it’s their responsibility to not be attacked,” wrote another user, while others suggested that it was behaviour like this that made women feel uncomfortable reporting sexual assaults.

While many people questioned the post and declared it out of touch, some comments defended the police force and praised them for reminding women to be aware of the dangers of being out alone.

“Nothing wrong with giving a friend or family member a heads up when you’re heading out to meet a complete stranger. Thanks cops for reminding us to be safe!” read one supportive comment.

Others said that people were overreacting by calling the post “victim blaming” saying, “If we apply the same logic you’re all getting so worked up about, should we stop telling children not to talk to strangers?”

What do you think about the post? Is it “victim blaming” or harmlessly reminding women to be aware of their surroundings?

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