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Paris Attacks: Soccer Fans Sing French Anthem While Leaving

If you are worried about friends and family in Paris, contact the Australian Consular Emergency number on 1300 555 135 (within Australia).

The Stade de France Stadium in Paris, France was packed with 80,000 soccer fans when the explosions were heard outside the stadium - just one of the attacks that have rocked Paris today.

They thought they were just there to watch a friendly international between the French and the Germans, but while being evacuated the fans showed a stunning display of unity.

They sang the French national anthem amid the multiple terror attacks that rocked the city.

Three loud explosions were heard during the first half, and news later revealed that three people died near the arena.

The bombings were part of a series of coordinated terror attacks, leading to at least 140 deaths.

The French Prime Minister, Francois Hollande, was whisked away from the stadium in the aftermath of the explosions, while the Stade de France itself was locked down, with no one else able to enter or leave.

When the game was over, which France won 2-0, fans tumbled onto the field while they waited for news.

Eventually, the order was given to evacuate the stadium, and the fans began to leave, a stirring rendition of La Marseillaise rang out in the tunnels of Stade de France.

Photos: AAP ONE

Source: ABC News

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