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SA Man Wins Our Hearts With Fundraising Campaign For Koalas

When Russell Latter posted a picture online of a poor, sodden koala stranded on a fence post during South Australia's wild week of torrential rain and flash flooding, he didn't expect the photo to go viral

This lone koala, now known across the world as “Jimmy the soggy koala”, made it to safety. Unfortunately the same can't be said for other animals caught in severe weather conditions in South Australia

Total legend, Russell Later has decided to use the image's fame to try and raise much-needed cash for sick marsupials.

Russell has set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of reaching $50,000. All donations go directly to volunteer, non-profit organisation the Koala Rescue Team at Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc. 


The page reads:

We were all moved by the plight of Jimmy during the floods in South Australia on September 14.  Fortunately, with some prompting from me, Jimmy made it to safe ground on his own and no rescue was required.   

So, this raises the question - who are the people to call on if you find an injured or sick Koala, or any wildlife for that matter?  Sometimes too, wildlife can accidentally get themselves into difficult situations.  So who do we call?

Fauna Rescue of South Australia is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation run purely by volunteers.  They have the only trained and experienced Koala Rescue Team in South Australia that provides a 24-Hour, 7 day rescue service.

Team members rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned Koalas.  They are on-call day and night and are people like you and me - juggling this volunteer work around their job and family commitments.  There is no time for fundraising to meet the costs of veterinary care, medications, rescue equipment and enclosures for the Koalas in their care.

Nice work Russell! 

If you would like to help the koalas, click HERE for Russell's GoFundMe Page

Find out more about Koala Rescue Team at Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc.

Image: Russell Later

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