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SA Customers Could Be Paying $650 Too Much For Electricity

Damning new research suggests that South Australians are being royally ripped off when it comes to their electric bill.

Activist group GetUp commissioned a report comparing the wholesale cost of energy to power plans in four Australian states and found that, in SA, customers with certain providers were paying an annual mark-up of $650.

In fact, ABC News reports, homes with AGL, Origin Energy and Energy Australia were being charged nearly twice as much in mark-ups than the actual cost of the generation of energy.

The study also revealed that since the deregulation of retail prices three years ago, retail charges make up a whopping 38 per cent of the average SA electricity bill.

Miriam Lyons, the Environmental Justice Campaign director for GetUp, said that families were getting “ripped off” by companies exploiting their power.

“This has huge impacts for people struggling to pay unaffordable energy bills,” she explained. “Further lining the pockets of energy executives comes at the expense of Australian families.

“Customers can seek out the cheapest offer. This is a difficult thing to do because for customers, it’s hard for them to know what they’re paying now, but if they go to the effort they can usually obtain a cheaper deal.”

According to GetUp, AGL, Origin Energy and Energy Australia are responsible for supplying about 80 per cent of South Australia’s electricity; each of “The Big Three” retailers raised their prices on July 1 of this year, blaming increasing wholesale costs and problems with coal and gas supplies. 

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